Is Frozen Shoulder Life Long Issue

Before getting into the topic deeply, we have to know what is Frozen shoulder and why it happens  and what differentiate Frozen shoulder from other Joint pains.

Frozen shoulder is also known as adhesive capsulitis, condition differentiated by stiffness in shoulder muscles or pain in shoulder joint. It typically begin gradually and worsen over the time if precautions are not taken place it can direct to surgery. The most common symptoms you’ll likely feel a dull or aching pain in one shoulder or it might cause the pain in both the shoulder muscles which are on the top of your arms. This pain may leads to neck pain if don’t take precaution in sleeping posture and daily working style and even in gesture of shoulder and hands.

We can take some of the precautions to over come this issue by gentle exercises, progressive range-of-motion exercises, stretching, and using your shoulder more may help prevent from frozen shoulder and avoid such issue temporarily.

Therapy helps to maintain/discover the spinal disorder within 7 days. Through this therapy the therapist activates or deactivates the organ through pressure massage on the nerve channels to stimulate, depress the blood or other body fluids to the nerve currents so as to restoring the balance of the body thus helping the body to regain its equilibrium. It also softens the lubricant muscles, helps in good circulation of the blood and fills the gaps between the Vertebra muscles.

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