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Swastik Ayurveda is 60yrs old in the practice and propagation of ayurveda.Swastik Ayurveda offers classical Ayurvedic Treatments and Panchakarma Therapies at the same time offering an unique specialized treatment Ayurveda Neuro Therapy for complete spine and joint problems.

Swastik Ayurveda was established by late Dr Chakpani Maddela in Andhra Pradesh in 1964 as a village clinic.

Bring Ayurveda into the mainstream of modern medicine.

To help people achieve an ideal balance in life, an integration of body, mind and spirit.

  • Absolute honesty
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  • Self-knowledge
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Dr Krishna Mohan Maddela treats especially chronic spine and joint problems with an authentic way. He is a well experienced traditional ayurvedic practitioner. His grandfather was vaidya vidwan certified by The Andhra Board of Ayurveda in 1961. His father Sasi Kumar Maddela also an Ayurveda vaidyar has 40yrs of experience in ayurvedic medicine and nadi pariksha. Dr krishna mohan was inspired by his grandfather since childhood to become an ayurvedic doctor. Dr Krishna learnt a unique traditional based diagnosis and treatment from his grandfather and father.


Dr Krishna has an experience of 16+yrs in Kerala panchakarma and 6+yrs of experience in Ayurveda Neuro Therapy.

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