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Welcome to Swastik Ayurveda - The line of treatment followed by swastik healers embody ancient curative methods along with a passionate approach to harness the natural healing powers of your body.

We have best team of doctors

About us

Best Ayurvedic Therapy Center

We offer clinical treatments for various diseases & treatment of kerala traditional Ayurvedic panchkarama - upakarama therapies as well as authentic techniques of wide range of Indian traditional massages

Our Vision

Bring Ayurveda into the mainstream of modern medicine.

Our Mission

To help people achieve an ideal balance in life, an integration of body, mind and spirit.

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Annual Report: From 2013 to 2018 the growth rate grew +2.40%

We are the best

SWASTIK AYURVEDA it's an innovative center of excellence in holistic medicine.

Why Choose Us

Variety Of Care

Ayurvedic is a integrated method of all Indian science which acts on spinal fluid to correct metabolism

Qualified Staff

Our team of experienced chiropractors in hyderabad, India are spine specialists in treating musculoskeletal

Affordable Cost

We are the best, book an appointment directly or directly you can visit. Affordable price for every treatment

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I have been suffering from a tailbone issue and cervical spondylitis for the past 6 months. After coming for this Ayurveda neuro therapy treatment, it is completely solved. I have been undergoing treatment for 7 days now. I am feeling completely fine and in no pain now. The treatment is so good.

Likhitha P Vizag

My colleague suggested to me that I faced a severe sciatic problem and got it fixed with Ayurveda Neuro Therapy. I came here and took 20 sittings for 10 days as the first session and I am more relieved now I came for the second session for 3 days for regular maintenance. I am not giving my review just after finishing my treatment. I took 2 months to give my review because later I took so many treatments that are temporary relief only. Ayurveda Neuro Therapy helped me a lot. I suggest this therapy for those who are facing spine and joint problems.

Ramesh S KPHB, Hyderabad

I suffered from sciatica related back pain when I was having extreme pain in my left leg When tender and transitioning from sitting position to standing. I consulted 3 doctors. Their suggestion was to go through surgery to rectify bulged discs. I consulted Swastik Ayurveda as an alternate upon suggestion by a friend. I went through their treatment for 7+7 days . Within a few days of treatment I got 60% relief. By the end of treatment i was completely rid of my pain and now i am able to perform all activities without any medication. I am able to feel pain and worry free. Thank you to Swastik Ayurveda.

Ram Bhadra Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Myself Sai Teja. I’m 27 yrs old. I am suffering from an Avascular Necrosis (Hip Joint) problem. I initially found this Ayurveda Neuro Therapy treatment in Swastik Ayurveda from youtube after diagnosis of AVN this happens after a lot of wrong diagnosis. My first session of treatment was 10 days. It was really great and it gave me confidence to heal my problem with this therapy. Within 2 months of treatment, I got 80% relief and i am able to perform my daily activities hustle free. Thanks to the whole team of Swastik Ayurveda, Hyderabad especially Krishna Mohan sir and Subhashini Madam and the whole team…

Sai Teja S Vijayawada

I am working as an Architect. I have been suffering back pain for 2 years. Before coming here, I went to many doctors related to my problem after seeing my X-ray and MRI they suggested surgery. One of my friends suggested Ayurveda neuro therapy in Swastik Ayurveda. I came here and took treatment for seven days. Only I got relief from pain and I got confidence without surgery it can be cured. I feel happy and I suggest others who are suffering like these problems contact Swastik Ayurveda.

Shailaja Hyderabad
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